An initiative of Riback Stevedores to help the Ahi people of Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2010 Ms Ahi Festival crowning night, Dec 17, 2010

Ms Ahi second runner-up and accomplished diva Alang Isaac, Ms Butibam, entertains guests
Riback general manager Peter Boyd and the beautiful girls
Ms Butibam Alang Isaac received her second runner-up sash from organiser Christa
Ms Ahi second runner-up Alang Isaac from Butibam
Ms Ahi 2010 Christine Amos, Ms Yanga, with organiser Christa
Ms Ahi Christine Amos with Ahi festival ambassador John Wilshere
Ahi festival organiser John Wilshere (left) receives a pledge for K30,000 from Morobe administrator Kemas Tomala as Riback operations manager George Gware looks on
Ms Ahi Christine Amos with proud parents Willie and Stephanie
Morobe administrator Kemas Tomala (left) and wife Nane (right) with former Huon Gulf MP Tukape Masani and wife
Towering Butibam basketball star Edwin Buala (left) with journalist Malum Nalu
Mrs Bob Aaron (Martha) and Mrs George Gware (Eunice) enjoying a quite moment at Lae International Hotel
Riback boys celebrate a hard week
Digicel Stars superstar Greg Aaron (left) entertains at Laew International Hotel

A jubilant Riback Stevedores general manager Peter Boyd
The three musketeers!
Hard-working Lae International Hotel staff
Lepung Nalu and Yapi Delabu

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ahi Festival closing, Dec 17, 2010

Riback general manager Peter Boyd plays Santa on his motor bike
Group from Wagang village performs at the closing
Young David Gware speaks on behalf of Ahi youth
Juanita Nalu Gamoga speaks on behalf of Ahi youth
Festival ambassador John Wilshere gives his closing remarks as Riback operations manager George Gware looks on
John Wilshere
Just in time for Christmas...Santa Claus Peter Boyd and John Wilshere throw out sweets to kids at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miss Ahi contestants in traditional dress, Dec 14, 2010

Ms Wagang Emily Namung introduces herself

Another Wagang beauty Jeanette Jana

Ms Butibam Maria Nagong
Ms Butibam Maria Nagong introduces herself

Ms Butibam Alang Issac

Ms Yanga Christine Amos

Ms Yanga, Christine Amos, who was later crowned Ms Ahi 2010

Ms Wagang Emily Namung

Ms Wagang Jeanetta Jana introduces herself

Memories of grand opening of Ahi Festival, Dec 12, 2010

Bart Nako from Hengali
Once were warriors
Yalu dancers
Festival ambassador John Wilshere

Team Yalu
Kamkumung banner
Kamkumung dancers
Team Kamkumung
Hengali banner
A touch of tradition
Team Hengali
Butibam dancers
Butibam beauty Catherine Maliaki
Butibam dancers
Team Butibam
Team Yanga
Wagang banner
Wagang beauty Jeanetta Jana
Wagang dancers
Wagang women dancers
Team Wagang
Organiser Loujaya Toni
John Wilshere gives a hand to the crowd
Live entertainment
The man behind it all...Riback operations manager George Gware
Balloons soar into the sky over Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium
Live entertainment